Telehealth Online Counseling


Above is a link to an encrypted Website with a free download for a video application that can be installed on your computer, smartphone or tablet. We can have video sessions this way.

HIPPA compliant sites protect your privacy. Very similar to SKYPE, only encrypted, online counseling allows you to see Mary on Video and or Audio feed live from anywhere there is a WiFi signal. Links to VSEE is below and you may call Mary at 863-875-2813 to make an appointment Mary will explain how to use this site.


Maybe you come from a small town and don't want to be seen at a counselor's office. Or you may be far away and need assistance as soon as possible and don't want to drive. This is excellent for people who are homebound, away from home, have agoraphobia, social anxiety, avoidant issues, or simply can't drive to an office.

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