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Every month I have the honor to author a Mental Health Moment for Central Florida Health News. The magazine is full of local resources for you and can be accessed online or in many locations throughout Florida. 



As an author contributor to the site below you can get articles by me and many others relevant to grieving. 




Below is a link to my 21 Lesson ECOURSE on DailyOm.com for Trauma Recovery and Resilience.

In these lessons that are interactive you will have workbook exercises and musical affirmations and 

meditations that will aid in the relief of PTSD and Acute Stress Disorder symptoms. You can learn to

be whole and healthy again or maybe for the first time. I've employed neuroscience, cognitive 

behavioral tools and respectfully personal spiritual elements for an holistic body, mind and spirt 

healing for your life after trauma or any life changing event.





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