You're one step closer... to a brand new you.

Mary Joye, LMHC, Tampa, Florida Counselor and Online Counselor


If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, grief or any life changing event you may need help to find answers and hope. Asking for help takes bravery. As a solution-focused counselor I listen attentively to you and help you to explore and find options so you you make the best decisions for your life. I work often with anxiety and trauma issues and am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.

You have neuorplasticity which means you can retrain your brain and change.

You can get through any crisis. You can get past the past. You can cope with PTSD by recognizing triggers and learning to respond in healthier ways.

We will work together in a nonjudgmental environment to make connections between the past and present so you can enjoy a better future. Most people subconsciously re-enact negativity or unresolved issues from their past in many areas of their lives. Those who have been abused or traumatized are most as risk for reeanctment of this kind. With guidance, education and a desire to change, those patterns can be broken. A happier life can restored and your resilience can be improved.

We'll explore negative, internal dialogue "tape loops" and "edit" them to find positive options and solutions.

Your body, mind and spirit are connected like an invisible triangle. If any side of that triangle is compromised, your entire sense of well-being may suffer. You get anxious, depressed and stressed but new beginnings and a more authentically YOU is possible.

You can move forward and I look forward to assisting you on your journey to wellness.


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